• Hi, we are gettaBAG, 100% percent organic cotton tote bags and designed in limited editions.  ​

  • Our goal is to reduce the use of plastic and to contribute to a better environment! 

  • We are a concept of MDT Pacific Limited, a textile manufacture and designer with over 12 years of experience. 

  • You can buy our limited editions online or if you are a brand, just contact us so we can design and produce the coolest organic bags tailor made for you! 


  • No Pesticides as they are extremely harmful to the health.  They can be deadly and cause a multitude of chronic illnesses.  

  • It is better for the environment as no toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are used in the growing of organic cotton.  

  • Organic cotton is grown using natural, untreated GMO free seeds, growing organic cotton keeps farmers and their families safe.  



  • Our production team controls that each gettaBAG is made up to the highest environmental standards.  

  • Each gettaBAG is produced in our social accredited factory in India and packed with care and respect for the environment.  

  • We work with GOTS to control the origin of the cotton and print our bags according to the highest standard for which we are Oeko-Tex certified.